At Fairer Finance, we analyse almost 300 Ts & Cs and policy documents every six months. Most of these are full of words and phrases that mean nothing to the average customer. Sentences and paragraphs are far too long, and most documents are laid out in a way that makes it hard to make any sense of the information on the page.

Clear & Simple 

We know that it’s possible to do things differently. We work with companies to create Ts & Cs and policy documents that an 11 year old could understand. We also redesign documents to make them as accessible and easy to read as possible.

Our expertise

  • Our team is made up of former financial journalists and industry practitioners
  • We’re experts in the principles of regulation, and Treating Customers Fairly
  • We work with regulators and trade bodies to break down compliance barriers to creating simpler documents

Our process

  • We don’t edit documents, we rewrite them from top to bottom
  • Once we’ve completed a draft, we work with compliance, legal and other key stakeholders to create a final draft that everyone is happy with

All this results in documents that are clear, transparent and easy to understand.