Many financial providers prioritise sales conversion above all else. But failure to communicate clearly with your customer could leave you falling foul of the regulator.

We review the websites and online purchase journeys – making sure that all the key product features are presented as clearly as possible, and are in keeping with the principles of Treating Customers Fairly. 

But being clear is not just about being compliant, it also gives you happier, more loyal customers.

Our expertise

  • Our team is made up of former financial journalists and industry practitioners
  • We’re experts in the principles of regulation, and Treating Customers Fairly
  • We work with regulators and trade bodies to break down compliance barriers to creating simpler documents

Our process

  • We go through websites page by page, analysing the language, layout and prominence of key information.
  • We carry out full online mystery shops, testing all different customer journeys.
  • We can rewrite and even redesign your site to ensure that key information
    is easy to find and understand.