The way you present information to your customers is critical. It’s key to setting expectations and getting customer relationships off on the right foot.

Our customer experience audits look at every touchpoint that companies have with their customers, from the first marketing messages through to the account closure letters.

At each step, we look to see whether companies are communicating clearly and
consistently with their customers, and if they're meeting the expectations set out
by the FCA's Treating Customers Fairly initiative and the top-level principles of its Handbook.

Being clear is not just about being compliant. It also creates customers who are happier, more loyal and more likely to advocate for your brand. Our analysis shows that improvements in clarity and transparency directly correlate to higher customer happiness and trust scores.

Our expertise

  • Our team is made up of former financial journalists and industry practitioners
  • We’re experts in the principles of regulation, and Treating Customers Fairly
  • We work with government, regulators and trade bodies to break down compliance barriers

Our process

  • We go through websites and printed assets page by page, analysing
    language, layout and the ways in which key information is surfaced.
  • We carry out mystery shopping across both online and offline channels.
  • We can rewrite copy and even redesign your website and documentation
    so that key information is easier for consumers to find and understand.

Want to learn more about our customer experience audit services?
Email or call 020 3026 8541 to talk to the team.

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