Back Me Up

We helped Ageas completely rewrite the policy documents for its innovative new insurance product.

The Challenge

Ageas launched Back Me Up - a new innovative insurance proposition targeted at the millennial generation – in 2016. It combines gadget & possessions insurance, travel insurance, key and mobile phone screen cover – as well as a range of bolt-on options such as breakdown and landlord dispute cover.

With a new fresh brand, designed to appeal to a younger generation, Ageas wanted to create a policy document that was clear and simple to understand. It asked Fairer Finance to help.

The Process

Fairer Finance used existing Back Me Up policy wordings as a starting point to agree on the limitations of the cover. We then wrote a new policy wording from scratch, developing a new clear structure for the document, designed with the customer in mind.

Once our first draft was completed, we moved into a series of challenge and review sessions with Back Me Up’s underwriting team.

Our approach pushes insurers to justify every word and clause in its document, with many elements of the original policy documents deliberately omitted. We kept policy definitions to a minimum, and integrated policy conditions throughout the document.

Where there were disagreements, we would state our case citing Ombudsman case history and regulations – and would talk through to a compromise.

The Outcomes

The new document was written in a conversational tone and had a much lower reading age. The original Ageas documents had an average Automated Readability Index score of 11.5. That’s equivalent to a reading age of a 16 or 17-year-old.

The final version has a score of 8.5 on that scale, which is equivalent to the reading age of a 12-year-old.

This allowed the new document to be understood by millions more consumers - vastly increasing Back Me Up's potential customer base, and helping to create a sense of trust and transparency towards the brand.

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