13th August 2015

The apps that help you avoid hefty bank charges

Banks still charge far too much for sending your money overseas, or using your card abroad. But a handful of new apps are providing the much needed challenge which should bring charges down for everyone.

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29th July 2015

Can Atom Bank live up to its own hype?

Atom Bank has an engaging website and is counting down to its launch later in the year. It makes bold promises about being different to other banks - but does it amount to any more than good marketing?

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23rd July 2015

Are Apple and Google safer than the banks?

New research from Which? has identified a security glitch with contactless cards. It's a gift for the likes of Apple and Google, which are setting themselves up as the trustworthy alternative to the UK's banks.

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17th July 2015

Culling of the consumer champions

The head of the Financial Conduct Authority has been sacked just days after Barclays' forward thinking CEO suffered the same fate. There's a power shift taking place in the world of banking.

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8th July 2015

Shareholders 1 Customers 0: back to business as usual at Barclays

Antony Jenkins led a revolution within Barclays - unwinding a decade of malpractice and putting customers first again. His dismissal is yet another victory for shareholders over customers.

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16th June 2015

Is your money safe with Renault’s new bank?

Car maker Renault is the latest unexpected entrant to the UK savings industry. Its rates are attractive, but can you have confidence that your money will be secure?

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11th June 2015

Comparison sites must put customers first

Dispatches embarrassed Confused.com into pulling down its savings account comparison tool. But there are plenty of other examples of profit being put before customer needs in the comparison site sector.

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4th June 2015

Could Lloyds chief be the next to have his bonus clawed back?

Lloyds is to be fined over 100m for failings in its PPI complaints handling, just weeks after shareholders approved an 11m pay package for its CEO. Will he have to give his bonus back?

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2nd June 2015

Has your bank been picking your pocket while you’re on your holidays?

Banks and credit card companies continue to charge far too much for using your plastic overseas. It's time for the regulator to get involved.

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19th May 2015

Banking challengers join forces

Metrobank and Zopa have joined forces in their battle to challenge their bigger rivals. But can their combined might crack this sticky market?

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14th April 2015

PPI: the bad smell that won’t go away

Clydesdale Bank has been fined for failing to deal with its PPI complaints fairly. It's the latest chapter in what has become a never-ending blight on the reputation of the financial services industry.

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9th April 2015

Would you pay attention to the small print if it was put into a video?

Lloyds Bank has poured its online banking terms and conditions into a short video. It's surely the future, but Lloyds' first attempt only gets a three out of 10 from Fairer Finance.

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