31st March 2015

Banks still failing the transparency test

The Financial Ombudsman's latest set of case studies reveals that banks are still failing to be clear with their customers when they cut interest rates.

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13th March 2015

A takeover of TSB will be bad for British banking

TSB has only just begun staking its claim as a challenger bank that does things differently. The last thing it needs is to be bought by an old school private bank with a different agenda.

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24th February 2015

Who are the worst banks and insurers at handling complaints?

The latest Financial Ombudsman Service complaints figures demonstrate that cultural change has barely begun within most banks and insurers.

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5th February 2015

What’s a fair penalty for a mistake?

Airlines, credit card companies and train operators revel in the business of handing out enormous penalties to customers who make a mistake. It's got to stop.

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20th January 2015

The consumer champion robot cometh

The conclusion of the FCA's market study into savings includes an interesting proposal to break down the barriers that have stopped so-called "account aggregators" from being successful. It's a move that could radically change how we interact with banks and insurers.

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14th January 2015

RBS finally puts its money where its mouth is

The Royal Bank of Scotland is to scrap short-term bonuses for its senior executives. It's the first real indication that the bank is serious about changing its culture.

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7th January 2015

Why did HSBC’s consumer champion leave after 11 months?

Natale Ceeney's premature departure from HSBC illustrates just how difficult it can be to deliver cultural change in large established financial services businesses.

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5th December 2014

Building societies plot a move to shake up the banking market

A group of small building societies are considering sharing resources so they can offer day to day banking services to their customers.

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18th November 2014

Virgin Money execs struggle to show restraint

Virgin Money's chief executive cashed in 2m of shares as her company came to market last week - and is sitting on another 6m of stock. It sends the wrong message to its customers.

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6th November 2014

Barclays and HSBC say no thanks to competition inquiry

The Competition & Markets Authority has confirmed it will launch an investigation into the UK banking sector. The negative responses from some banks are perhaps the clearest indication that reform is needed.

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4th November 2014

Banks and insurers that fail to invest in technology should be fined

Years of under-investment in IT systems causes misery for banking and insurance customers every day. It's up to the regulator to ensure that banks and insurers don't slip behind again.

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29th October 2014

Why do building societies ever rip off their customers?

Yorkshire Building Society has been fined 4.1m for treating struggling mortgage customers unfairly. It's the company's second fine in six months. Why is a business that is owned by its customers doing so badly by them?

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