24th February 2015

Who are the worst banks and insurers at handling complaints?

The latest Financial Ombudsman Service complaints figures demonstrate that cultural change has barely begun within most banks and insurers.

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9th December 2014

Time for transparency from comparison sites

Three of the four largest comparison sites are now owned by insurers. Greater transparency is needed to assuage concerns about the conflicts of interest

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2nd December 2014

How to play insurers at their own game

When you're buying insurance through a comparison site, don't be afraid to experiment with your answers. There can be big rewards, and it's perfectly legal.

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7th November 2014

Insurers putting their customers in handcuffs

Insurers often make the penalties for exiting their products too steep. If you've not made a claim on your policy, you should be given the choice to exit penalty free, and be given a pro-rata refund.

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9th October 2014

Private equity tactics still showing through at the AA

While the AA may now be in public ownership, some of the hallmarks of its long stint in the hands of private equity owners still remain.

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6th October 2014

No solution to a £200m problem

The Competition & Markets Authority spent two years investigating a £200m problem in the car insurance market. Its conclusions were a serious let down.

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22nd September 2014

Who are the best banks and insurers this autumn?

Fairer Finance has published its new ratings, and has made some changes to its methodology. So who's top and who's not in this autumn's rankings?

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