11th June 2015

Comparison sites must put customers first

Dispatches embarrassed Confused.com into pulling down its savings account comparison tool. But there are plenty of other examples of profit being put before customer needs in the comparison site sector.

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2nd June 2015

Has your bank been picking your pocket while you’re on your holidays?

Banks and credit card companies continue to charge far too much for using your plastic overseas. It's time for the regulator to get involved.

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1st May 2015

Nationwide’s campaign exposes another credit card rip-off

Many banks trick their customers into paying interest on their credit card - even when they're on a 0% deal. But Nationwide has launched a new campaign to expose these sneaky tactics.

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5th February 2015

What’s a fair penalty for a mistake?

Airlines, credit card companies and train operators revel in the business of handing out enormous penalties to customers who make a mistake. It's got to stop.

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27th January 2015

Do companies deliberately slow down your complaints?

The complaints process in some banks and insurers seems designed to tire the customer out until they can't be bothered to fight on anymore.

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7th October 2014

Is it really possible to reward loyalty?

Natwest is the latest bank to promise to offer its best deals to new as well as existing customers. But rewarding loyalty tends to come at the cost of offering good market leading deals. Is that really what customers want?

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30th September 2014

Would you like me to read the disclaimer or put it in the post, sir?

Calls to banks and insurers often end with lengthy disclaimers. But they're too often box-ticking exercises rather than focused on arming customers with the information they need.

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22nd September 2014

Who are the best banks and insurers this autumn?

Fairer Finance has published its new ratings, and has made some changes to its methodology. So who's top and who's not in this autumn's rankings?

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