11th October 2023

When will they learn?

Identify which of your customers are not able to learn, and make sure they are enjoying fair value.

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12th May 2020

Coronavirus: Treating customers fairly in a pandemic

In the midst of a global pandemic, it's more important than ever to treat customers fairly.

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14th June 2019

Defining excellence in banking customer service

Measuring quality in banking is no mean feat, but our new report aims to do just that.

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1st February 2018

Common Consents - how to explain marketing terms simply to consumers

The General Data Protection Regulation is coming and too many companies still aren't asking for consent in a way consumers can understand. We thought we'd give some examples of how it can be done.

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19th April 2017

Why over-compliance is a real problem

It’s easy to play it safe from a compliance perspective by flooding your customers with information. But that isn't really helping them.

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13th February 2017

Is the new summary box for savings accounts working?

New FCA rules mean that savings providers must outline their products in a ‘summary box’. Is it helping customers?

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4th April 2016

Are you being spammed?

Insurers and banks are masterful at getting customers to give their consent to receiving spam emails and letters. It's time the regulator was given some teeth to fight against them.

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28th March 2016

Why Sir Bernard Hogan Howe's views on bank fraud are wrong

The head of London's police force sparked controversy last week, by claiming that consumers should be left paying the bill for bank fraud if they don't keep their virus software up to date. If he were listened to, confidence in banking would collapse.

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16th March 2016

Government needs to help people get smarter at managing their money

The Money Advice Service never quite lived up to its potential - and now it's being shut down. It's bad news for consumers.

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9th March 2016

If consumer charities can’t show constraint on high pay, how can we expect banks to?

News that Which?'s chief executive is to earn over £800,000 this year undermines its cause to create a fairer financial services market

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26th February 2016

Is it time for corporate hospitality to be banned?

Insurance companies and fund managers take their favourite financial advisers to the races or the football all the time. Surely, their independence is compromised.

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15th February 2016

Has the regulator left banks and insurers living in fear?

Many banks and insurers have become so scared of breaking the rules that they are going to ridiculous lengths to prove they're on the right side of the law

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