1st February 2016

Are airlines still overcharging us for paying by card?

It's almost four years since rules came in to stop companies penalising their customers for paying by card. But new evidence suggests that many travel companies may never have abided with the rules.

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25th January 2016

Insurers need to resist the Big Brother temptation

A new report by the Insurance Fraud Taskforce is proposing to snoop on consumers while they use comparison sites.

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26th October 2015

Are you really treating your customers fairly?

The Financial Conduct Authority is busy tearing up its rules to help companies be able to communicate more clearly with their customers. But most banks and insurers and not keeping up with the shifting sands.

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7th October 2015

Does our mortgage market work?

The regulator is considering whether it needs to launch a full blown inquiry into the state of competition in our mortgage market. We'd be in full support.

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6th August 2015

If you can’t be clearer, you’re not trying hard enough

Turning banking and insurance documents into a language that customers can understand is difficult, but not impossible. And blaming the compliance gremlin is no longer an acceptable get out.

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23rd July 2015

Are Apple and Google safer than the banks?

New research from Which? has identified a security glitch with contactless cards. It's a gift for the likes of Apple and Google, which are setting themselves up as the trustworthy alternative to the UK's banks.

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17th July 2015

Culling of the consumer champions

The head of the Financial Conduct Authority has been sacked just days after Barclays' forward thinking CEO suffered the same fate. There's a power shift taking place in the world of banking.

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26th June 2015

Would you read a comic strip about insurance?

The financial regulator is going into battle against jargon and complexity in financial services - and has brought a raft of new ideas and suggestions to the table, including using comic strips.

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19th June 2015

The challenge of cleaning up a dirty market

Royal London is on a crusade to clean up the much maligned Over 50s life insurance market - but with tens of millions of pounds on the line for its competitors, it will be an uphill struggle.

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16th June 2015

Is your money safe with Renault’s new bank?

Car maker Renault is the latest unexpected entrant to the UK savings industry. Its rates are attractive, but can you have confidence that your money will be secure?

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8th June 2015

Can government owned Lloyds justify paying its spin doctor £2m?

Eleven senior directors at Lloyds shared in a £30m handout for their work over the past three years. One of them was the head of corporate affairs.

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4th June 2015

Could Lloyds chief be the next to have his bonus clawed back?

Lloyds is to be fined over 100m for failings in its PPI complaints handling, just weeks after shareholders approved an 11m pay package for its CEO. Will he have to give his bonus back?

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