25th May 2015

If banks treated their customers like train operators do, they’d be fined millions

The news that Southern Trains has been fining passengers who were forced to stand in First Class because of overcrowding is the latest sorry tale from a market that is failing consumers.

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15th May 2015

The curse of the pre-ticked box

The internet has made it easier for companies to get customers to make decisions that they don't know they're making. It's a practice that has to stop.

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24th April 2015

First Great Western’s Great Train Robbery continues

My battle to reclaim a £109 penalty fare from First Great Western still seems to be going nowhere. So we're off to court. And if they win, what will they have achieved except a large legal bill?

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14th April 2015

PPI: the bad smell that won’t go away

Clydesdale Bank has been fined for failing to deal with its PPI complaints fairly. It's the latest chapter in what has become a never-ending blight on the reputation of the financial services industry.

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24th March 2015

Should consumers be allowed to lose £250,000 in a few minutes?

The removal of the Swiss Franc exchange rate controls in January left some investors nursing losses which may leave them bankrupt? Has the regulator taken its eye off the ball?

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20th March 2015

Should reviews and ratings be regulated?

The Competition & Markets Authority has launched a review of review sites. It's an important piece of work that should weed out some of the less scrupulous operators.

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10th March 2015

The spirit and the letter of the law

A company that fights its customers by the letter of the law and not the spirit has a lot to learn about good customer service

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20th February 2015

A new quality mark for clear terms & conditions…but no one qualifies

In our campaign to clear up terms and conditions, we've launched a new quality mark for documents with clear design and simple language. Unfortunately, we've not yet found anyone that meets our criteria.

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17th February 2015

An unfair advantage?

The Post Office and National Savings & Investments are both government owned. In the world of personal finance, it gives them a special appeal which is hard for others to compete with.

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11th February 2015

Does it matter if I don’t understand what I’m buying?

The world of financial services is complex, and most people don't have a full understanding of the investments, insurances, bank accounts and loans they are buying. Does it matter?

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5th February 2015

What’s a fair penalty for a mistake?

Airlines, credit card companies and train operators revel in the business of handing out enormous penalties to customers who make a mistake. It's got to stop.

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30th January 2015

With-profits finally on the way out

Legal & General's decision to close its with-profits fund to new business is the beginning of the end for this expensive, opaque investment.

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