27th January 2015

Do companies deliberately slow down your complaints?

The complaints process in some banks and insurers seems designed to tire the customer out until they can't be bothered to fight on anymore.

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20th January 2015

The consumer champion robot cometh

The conclusion of the FCA's market study into savings includes an interesting proposal to break down the barriers that have stopped so-called "account aggregators" from being successful. It's a move that could radically change how we interact with banks and insurers.

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19th January 2015

How regulations can get in the way of protecting consumers

The Financial Conduct Authority's enormous rule book often stops well meaning companies from doing the right thing by their customers

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9th January 2015

How do you know if you’re getting a good deal?

From buying a plane ticket to buying insurance - how do you know whether you're being offered a fair price when you make a major purchase?

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16th December 2014

What price, good financial advice?

Financial advisers are still failing to make it clear how much they charge. It's one of the reasons that so many people don't take advice at all.

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10th December 2014

The FCA’s £3.8m error

The FCA has revealed it spent an astonishing £3.8m on a review of what went wrong with its announcement about an inquiry into the closed book pensions sector.

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24th November 2014

Who’s reviews can you trust?

Customer reviews are all the rage. Whether you're getting a take away, buying some new shoes or taking out a new credit card, there's likely to be a star rating to help you choose. But don't be fooled into thinking they're a fair reflection of what you're getting.

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11th November 2014

The FCA bares its teeth

The FCA's price cap on the payday lending industry is the heaviest piece of regulation the UK financial services industry has seen. There are plenty of other markets that could benefit from a similarly tough approach.

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4th November 2014

Banks and insurers that fail to invest in technology should be fined

Years of under-investment in IT systems causes misery for banking and insurance customers every day. It's up to the regulator to ensure that banks and insurers don't slip behind again.

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30th October 2014

What now for the Money Advice Service?

The Money Advice Service has been told it will not play a part in delivering the government's promised guidance for all retirees. Some are already calling for it to be decommissioned.

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14th October 2014

Can Co-op help stop the extended warranty rip-off?

Extended warranties are notorious for being overpriced and unreliable. But a new approach by the Co-op may put pressure on others to price more reasonably.

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25th September 2014

How many complaints is too many?

The FCA has published its latest complaints data. But what are we to make of it?

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