Our blog: Credit cards

14 June 2019

Defining excellence in banking customer service

Measuring quality in banking is no mean feat, but our new report aims to do just that.

2 November 2018

Why I won’t be adding my rent payments to my credit score

Although I'd like to (and need to) add my monthly rent payments to my credit score, there's just one problem stopping me - trust.

27 July 2016

FCA lets the credit card industry off the hook

The FCA's credit card market study was a long time coming. But there's little in there that will address the lack of transparency and irresponsible lending in the sector.

28 March 2016

Why Sir Bernard Hogan Howe's views on bank fraud are wrong

The head of London's police force sparked controversy last week, by claiming that consumers should be left paying the bill for bank fraud if they don't keep their virus software up to date. If he were listened to, confidence in banking would collapse.

1 February 2016

Are airlines still overcharging us for paying by card?

It's almost four years since rules came in to stop companies penalising their customers for paying by card. But new evidence suggests that many travel companies may never have abided with the rules.

4 November 2015

FCA turns a blind eye to credit card market failings

The long awaited FCA study into the credit card market has overlooked some of the biggest problems for consumers.

1 September 2015

What’s the right way to advertise loans?

Lending money is one of the most important services that banks offer. But it can also be one of the most lethal. So should advertising be banned?

13 August 2015

The apps that help you avoid hefty bank charges

Banks still charge far too much for sending your money overseas, or using your card abroad. But a handful of new apps are providing the much needed challenge which should bring charges down for everyone.

11 June 2015

Comparison sites must put customers first

Dispatches embarrassed Confused.com into pulling down its savings account comparison tool. But there are plenty of other examples of profit being put before customer needs in the comparison site sector.

2 June 2015

Has your bank been picking your pocket while you’re on your holidays?

Banks and credit card companies continue to charge far too much for using your plastic overseas. It's time for the regulator to get involved.