1st Stop Personal Loans

Established in 2004, 1st Stop Personal Loans offer three different types of loans.

They offer a personal loan to homeowners, this is an unsecured loan which means you don't need to 'guarantee' the loan with your car or home. 

They offer a home loan which is secured. This means you agree to use your house or car to 'guarantee' the loan. Since this loan is secured you can borrow more.

They also offer a car finance loan, which is a way to spread the cost of buying a car. You use the loan to buy a car and repay the loan in monthly payments. You don't officially own the car until the loan is completely paid off. You cannot sell the car whilst you're still paying back the loan.

1st Stop Personal Loans are based in Blackpool.

1st Stop Personal Loans
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Gold ribbon: first place

Personal loans

Ranked 11th of 29 providers reviewed.

Customer happiness 72%
Customer trust 71%
Complaints performance 79%
Transparency rating 14%
Fairer Finance score
Reviewed Autumn 2019

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