Birmingham Midshires

Birmingham Midshires' roots date back to the mid-19th century. The organisation came about from the merger of over 50 building societies.

This culminated in the merger of the Birmingham & Bridgwater and Midshires Building Societies in 1986 to form Birmingham Midshires.

It was subsequently bought by Halifax in 1999, and became part of the Lloyds Banking Group when Lloyds bought HBOS in 2009. The Birmingham Midshires brand is now referred to by the group as a division of Bank of Scotland.

It focuses on savings accounts, and offers easy-access and fixed term accounts. It also provides Cash ISAs.

Birmingham Midshires

Savings accounts

Ranked 14th of 36 providers reviewed.

Customer happiness 51%
Customer trust 47%
Complaints performance 89%
Transparency rating 62%
Fairer Finance score
Reviewed Spring 2018

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