Principality Building Society

Principality Building Society is the largest building society in Wales, and the sixth largest in the UK. Its roots date back to the middle of the 19th century.

As Principality is a building society, it's owned by its members rather than shareholders.

In 2015 it bought the naming rights to the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, which in 2016 was renamed the Principality Stadium. 

It provides several different banking products, including savings accounts and mortgages, it doesn't offer a current account, it also offers home and life insurance.

Principality Building Society
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Gold ribbon: first place


Ranked 5th of 21 providers reviewed.

Customer happiness 72.83%
Customer trust 66.3%
Complaints performance 87.79%
Transparency rating 42.99%
Fairer Finance score
Reviewed Spring 2022
Gold ribbon: first place

Savings accounts

Ranked 5th of 49 providers reviewed.

Customer happiness 64.77%
Customer trust 63.76%
Complaints performance 87.5%
Transparency rating 74.75%
Fairer Finance score
Reviewed Spring 2022

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