We're on a mission to become the UK's most trusted, independent consumer financial services ratings agency. With annual revenues of over £550k and growth of over 36% this year, this raise will help us expand into more sectors, accelerate our growth and raise our profile amongst consumers. Our latest highlights include:

  • Revenues of £170k in our latest quarter, 70%+ growth y-o-y
  • We have a growing blue-chip client list who buy access to our data and insight
  • Our ratings are published on thetimes.co.uk website and feature regularly in The Times and Sunday Times newspapers
  • Our experienced consumer advisory board is led by the former CEO of a major bank

For the first time, we're offering the chance to share a part of Fairer Finance's future. By investing as little as £15, you can join us on our journey to something great.

Our crowdfunding campaign is now live. Visit our Crowdcube page where you can find out more information and can invest.

A message from our founder

A message from our founder

"I started Fairer Finance back in 2014 with a mission to create a fairer financial services market. Since then, we've made great strides towards that goal, building robust and independent ratings, and working with many of the UK's largest financial services firms to help them improve customer outcomes.

"Now we're ready for the next stage. We want to expand our ratings to cover even more sectors, grow our consumer presence, and help even more companies. We also want to do more campaigning and advocacy work, helping government and regulators to create a fairer financial services market.

"With your support, we can have an even greater impact on the financial services sector. We'd love you to join us on our journey."

Our raise video

Learn more about our successes and what the future has in store.

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware. Capital at risk.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is Fairer Finance crowdfunding?

We've spent our early years building our methodologies, governance, and an insight platform for companies. Now we're ready to expand into more sectors - and that's what we'll use the money we raise to do.

We decided to go for crowdfunding because we don't want to be owned by a small number of corporate shareholders who are pushing us to generate a return as quickly as possible. We're looking to make good returns for our investors over the next 5-7 years, but we need to be given the space to do it in a way that protects our independence. We believe that will be the key to our long-term success.

How much are we planning to raise?

We're aiming to raise up to £900,000.

Why should I invest in Fairer Finance?

First and foremost, we hope we can make you a healthy return on your investment over the next five to seven years. We have a solid and diverse revenue base, and believe there's a great opportunity to expand.

We believe there's an opportunity to establish ourselves as one of the most respected financial services ratings source in the UK, and the leading provider of consumer insight to banks and insurers. The money you invest will help us in our aim to realise that potential.

We also hope you'll want to invest because you support our mission - and want to play a part in creating a fairer financial services market.

You will be able to read much more about the detail about our business on our pitch page on the Crowdcube site. Pre-register now to be able to get access to all the information once the campaign goes live.

When will your crowdfunding campaign start and end?

Our campaign has two main phases - a private and a public phase. By pre-registering now, you'll get exclusive access to the private phase as soon as it opens. Everyone who pre-registers will be the first to get access to all the detail behind our investment, and the first chance to invest.

We're only raising a limited amount, so people who pre-register will have the best chance of securing an opportunity to invest.

The private phase will last for up to 30 days, but probably less. After that, the campaign will move into its public phase, where everyone will be able to see it on the Crowdcube site. That will last a maximum of 30 days - or less if we hit our maximum threshold. We expect the whole process to be over by the end of April.

Will I be able to sell my shares in Fairer Finance?

Investing in a small company is different to investing on the stock exchange. You won't be able to sell your shares instantly, which is why we don't recommend you invest unless you're comfortable with holding your investment for at least five years.

We will aim to provide an opportunity for shareholders to sell their holdings within five to seven years.

What are the risks of investing in Fairer Finance?

Fairer Finance is a small company, and like all investments, there are risks attached. We can't guarantee that we'll be able to grow the business as we plan. And as a shareholder, the worst case scenario is that you could lose all the money you invest.

We don't think that's a likely scenario - and the management are focused on achieving a good return for shareholders. The founder, James Daley, is not a serial entrepreneur with fingers in a lot of pies. This is his life's work, and he's the largest shareholder. So if you lose money, he'll be losing everything too!

HMRC have given advance assurance that Fairer Finance's raise will qualify for the Enterprise Investment Scheme. This means that investors get a 30% income tax break on their investment - and in the event they do lose money, they can claim loss relief as well.

We've run the business cautiously over our early years, only expanding as we've had the capital to do so - and never borrowing to fund our growth. We'll continue to manage the business in the same careful way. But with this injection of capital, we believe we'll be able to create a much larger company over the next five years.

Who can invest?

To invest via the Crowdcube platform, you need to be over 18. However, residents of USA, Canada and Japan are not allowed to invest through the Crowdcube platform.

Does your campaign qualify for EIS tax relief?

We have had advance assurance from HMRC that our campaign qualifies for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). This means investors will be able to get a 30% income tax discount on any money they invest. The investment also won't be subject to any capital gains tax when it is sold, as long as investors hold it for a minimum of three years. There is also loss relief available in the event that investors lose money on their investment.

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware. Capital at risk.