We understand how the regulator thinks and we are familiar with industry best practice, and we bring all this insight into our masterclasses.

Our bespoke masterclasses are tailored to you – built around your business model and people. Our masterclasses are not an ‘out the box’ solution; they are designed to meet the needs of your team in your context and market.

We’ve been asked to build the capabilities of boards, executive teams, product and propositions managers, marketing professionals, and compliance specialists. Our masterclasses focus on giving you the practical tools and frameworks to apply the skills in your contexts and roles.

Our team includes highly experienced trainers with experts in regulation, behavioural science, linguistics, and data science. The masterclasses are practical and interactive, with behavioural experiments, case studies, worked examples, and Q&A.

Fairer Finance masterclasses

We train firms on a wide range of topics, including the following.

  • Masterclass: How to write clear and simple communications?
    We explain the tools for effective writing of customer communications, and illustrate our Clear & Simple Mark criteria with examples from your own customer communications and industry best practice from your sector.

  • Masterclass: How to design effective Financial Promotions?
    We cover the regulatory expectations, the behavioural science frameworks, and the relationship between FinProm rules and the Consumer Duty. We explain the definition of a FinProm, how to ensure FinProms are ‘clear, fair and not misleading’, and how to design good social media FinProms. We tailor the examples and applications to the products you sell.

  • Masterclass: How to embed the Consumer Duty?
    We cover the practical tools and frameworks required for embedding the Consumer Duty, with a focus on assessing fair value and evidencing consumer understanding (including testing). We explain the practical implications of advances in behavioural science, linguistics, and data science. If relevant, we also cover the implications of the Duty for other areas, such as the board’s responsibilities and the embedding of the Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR).

  • Masterclass: How to assess fair value?
    We explain our fair value framework, and how you could use it to provide reassurance that there are no fair value issues arising from your products and services. This involves outlining the practical implications of advances in behavioural science and data science, and our methodology for benchmarking your prices, product features, and service quality to other providers.

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