How we make our money

Fairer Finance’s ratings tables and advice are free for people to use – and we don’t take any kickbacks from companies for any links on our site

We pay for our research by selling our Fairer Finance ribbons and star ratings to companies who do well in our tables. Companies who win a gold, silver or bronze ribbon - or a four or five star product rating - can buy a licence to use our endorsement on their website or marketing material for six months. Whether a company chooses to buy our endorsement has no bearing on where they appear in our tables. Our research is independent, and our Consumer Advisory Board is given the task of verifying that we don’t manipulate the data to serve our own commercial interests.

We also make money by working with companies. We like to think of it as changing the industry for the better from the inside out. Our main work involves reviewing and even rewriting companies’ terms & conditions or policy documents.  But we also offer a range of other research and consultancy services. You can read all about them on the business side of our website.

Fairer Finance is owned by its founders, and we use the profits we make to pay for our campaigning work and to grow our business. 

James Daley Managing Director, Fairer Finance