Fairer Finance Clear & Simple Mark

A mark of excellence for companies that communicate clearly with their customers.

The Fairer Finance Clear & Simple Mark recognises outstanding clarity and transparency in the financial services industry. Unlike other clarity marks, we don’t just look at the language, we also look at whether the document is designed in a way that aids comprehension

We’re not sticklers for perfect grammar. We believe language evolves, and that the clearest sentences are not always strictly grammatically correct.

So we look to reward companies who explain products in a way that everybody can understand.

Our criteria

We analyse documents in three ways:

  • Clarity of language

This includes analysis of Reading Grade, conversational tone, use of jargon, and use of examples.

  • Clarity of design

This includes analysis of white space, hierarchy of information, navigability, font size, and colour.

  • Clarity of content

This includes analysis of whether key product features are prominently and clearly explained.

Who holds the Clear & Simple Mark?

Insurance intermediary Bought by Many was the first company to hold the Clear & Simple Mark. It was awarded this for its pet insurance policy wording. An 11-year-old would find this document easy to read. It is simple to navigate and demonstrates a good use of colour and white space. The tone is conversational and the use of jargon is minimal throughout.

Ageas' insurance brand Back Me Up also qualified for the mark. Its policy document is very conversational in tone and it has a low reading grade. Read our case study to learn more.

Coventry Building Society's General Investment Ts & Cs became the first in the banking sector to qualify for our mark. Its document effectively uses colour to mark out different sections. The contents page is clear and easy for consumers to understand.

TSB has also been awarded the Clear & Simple Mark for its Personal Banking Terms and Conditions. Its document includes a helpful navigation tool so the reader can easily flick between different sections.

Co-operative Funeralcare is the first funeral plan provider to receive the Clear & Simple Mark. Its Terms & Conditions make good use of colour coding and clear language.

Monzo's current account terms and conditions document is easy to read and makes great use of a rolling contents tab. It's also one of the shortest Ts & Cs you'll read.

Royal London is the latest insurer to receive the Clear & Simple Mark, for its brand new Life Insurance terms. The rewrite was done by Fairer Finance.

Marcus is the latest awardee of the Clear & Simple Mark. Its document is simple, uses white space well, and has a low reading age.

The Clear & Simple Mark in use

Date Client Awarded for
February 2017 Bought By Many Pet insurance policy wording
March 2017 Back Me Up Back Me Up cover plan policy wording
March 2017 Coventry Building Society General investment terms & conditions
August 2017 TSB Personal banking terms & conditions
August 2017 TSB Banking charges guide
November 2017 Coop Funeralcare Prepaid funeral plans terms & conditions
March 2018 Monzo Current account terms & conditions
May 2018 Royal London Life insurance terms & conditions
August 2018 Marcus Online Savings Account terms & conditions

We'd like to see all financial services companies reach this level of transparency.

See if your documents qualify

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