Fairer Finance Clear & Simple Mark

The Fairer Finance Clear & Simple Mark recognises outstanding clarity and transparency amongst financial services providers.

Unlike other clarity marks, we don’t just look at the language and layout – we also look at whether the document achieves its purpose.

For example, when we analyse a terms and conditions document, we need to see that the key product features are clearly and prominently explained to the customer.

We’re not sticklers for perfect grammar. We believe language evolves, and that the clearest sentences are not always strictly grammatically correct.

So we look to reward companies who explain their products in a language that all their customers can understand.

Our criteria

We analyse documents in three ways:

  • Clarity of language – includes analysis of average sentence length, use of jargon and readability grades
  • Clarity of design – includes analysis of font size and typeface, margins and colour
  • Clarity of content – includes analysis of whether charges and other key product features are prominently and clearly explained.

Who holds the Clear & Simple Mark?

Insurance intermediary Bought by Many was the first company to hold the Clear & Simple Mark, for its new pet insurance policy wording.

This means that an 11-year-old would find this document easy to read. It’s simple to navigate and demonstrates a good use of colour and white space. The tone is conversational and jargon has been kept to a minimum.

Ageas' innovative insurance product Back Me Up also qualified for the mark. It's document was very conversational in tone and had a very low reading grade. Find out more here.

But we expect others to qualify in 2017.

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