Fairer Finance's Insight Portal gives you a unique understanding of your customers and products.

Insight Portal Features Comparison Free Premium Premium+
Introductory platform demo and ongoing support
Understand your brand’s Customer Experience Ratings and Product Ratings and how to improve them
Find out exactly where your customer communications are unclear in our unique transparency analysis
Delve into customer insights such as NPS, retention, and claims satisfaction (for insurers)
Benchmark individual products and features against the rest of the market
Stay ahead with market updates on changes to competitor products
Bespoke insight presentations and analysis relative to your brand

Premium+ subscription

Draw on Fairer Finance's expert analysis of how your brand and partners have been performing in our ratings with our Premium+ service.

In addition to the benefits from a premium subscription, our team will present on a quarterly or twice-yearly basis:

An up-to-date, in-depth look at how your brand is performing in our customer experience

  • drawing on customer polling data from an independent panel of 10,000+ consumers
  • analysing metrics including satisfaction, trust, retention, and NPS; with a demographic breakdown and which financial providers customers have their products with
  • Analysis of FOS complaints performance
  • practical steps to enhance the clarity of the purchase journey and key documents

A product by product sector overview for the areas where we have data on your brand’s products

  • reviewing feature and pricing changes to competitor products
  • a study of emerging trends both within our data and external sources
  • updates on any changes to our methodologies being considered

    An overview of regulatory and political developments relevant to your product areas and Fairer Finance’s independent view on the key issues and outlook for the months ahead.

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