Fairer Finance's Insight Portal gives you a unique understanding of your customers and products.

Use customer insights to drive acquisition

The Fairer Finance Insight Portal allows you to explore a detailed breakdown of our Customer Experience Ratings.

See how thousands of customers are rating you and your competitors. Compare happiness and trust scores from customers of all major providers – and break this down by key demographics, such as age and gender.

Take advantage of further customer insights, such as Net Promoter Scores, Customer Effort Scores, Digital Capability, Retention Rate, Claims Satisfaction & Customer Satisfaction Score.

You can also see a question-by-question breakdown of our unique transparency analysis, and find out exactly where your customer communications are unclear. This includes a detailed assessment of the clarity of your purchase journey and terms and conditions - including readability, document length, design, and much more.

Use these insights to inform your sales and marketing, and discover which aspects of transparency and clarity may be holding your brand back.

Learn your USP

Delve into our Product Ratings, analysing our Red Line Requirements, and where your products fall short of our criteria.

See how your products compare against key competitors. Our Insight Portal will show you exactly where you have a competitive edge over your competitors, and which features fall behind the rest of the market.

Get alerts when competitors make changes to their products, to stay on top of individual and industry changes in a fast-paced market. Product designers can see exactly how to carve out your niche in the market, and where your existing products could be improved.

Arm your call centre staff with full, easy-to-use access to all product features from you and your competitors. Give them the tools they need to show why your products are a better bet than those offered by your competitors.

For a full list of the features our unique Insight Portal can offer your business, take a look here.

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