Fairer Finance's Insight Portal gives you a unique understanding of your customers and products.

Use product and customer insights to stay ahead of the competition

The Fairer Finance Insight Portal allows you to explore a detailed breakdown of our Product Ratings and Customer Experience Ratings. Our Insight Portal will show you exactly where you have a competitive edge over your competitors, and which features fall behind the rest of the market.

You can also see a question-by-question breakdown of our unique transparency analysis, and find out exactly where your customer communications are unclear. This includes a detailed assessment of the clarity of your purchase journey and terms and conditions - including readability, document length, design, and much more.

Providers can access their own brand and products data for free.

  • Understand your brand’s Customer Experience Ratings and Product Ratings
  • Assess how to meet our red line requirements and improve your ratings
  • Explore independent customer data on happiness and trust
  • See your expert customer journey analysis and transparency rating
  • View FOS brand performance for complaints handling

Get premium access and take your insights to the next level

  • Benchmark individual products and features against the whole industry
  • Delve into real customer insights (NPS, CES, CSAT & much more)
  • [For insurers] See claims satisfaction data and compare to the industry
  • Compare customer insights against your competitors
  • Learn how results vary by key demographic segments
  • Stay ahead with market updates on changes to competitor products
  • See who your customers have their other financial products with

... and much more.

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