Creating a fairer financial services market for consumers - and the businesses that serve them.

At Fairer Finance, we want to see a world where consumers trust, and even love, their banks and insurers. Everything we do is about making that vision a reality.

We're a research and ratings agency that looks to help consumers make more informed decisions, and which encourages financial services businesses to compete on more than price.

Our consultancy arm works with companies who need our help and expertise to do better.

And we’re also a consumer group and think tank - which campaigns for a fairer financial services market, and works with government and regulators to achieve that goal.

All our research and guidance is free for consumers – and to protect our independence, we don’t accept any advertising on our website or any commission from the companies we recommend.

Our ratings are designed to help customers make more informed decisions, but they should not be taken as recommendations or advice. Every customer has different needs, and our ratings are simply designed as a short cut to help consumers make sense of the complex world of financial products.

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Consumer Advisory Board

Consumer Advisory Board

Fairer Finance’s Consumer Advisory Board is an independent group which oversees the work of our organisation.