The Financial Conduct Authority says that customer-facing documents should be 'clear, fair and not misleading'. Can you honestly say that your company’s documents pass that test? Do you need to rewrite your documents?

At Fairer Finance, we analyse hundreds of Ts & Cs and policy documents every six months for our ratings. But we also regularly rewrite documents to help financial services businesses create market-leading assets.

We identify many common weaknesses in the documents we work with, including jargon and technical language which means nothing to the average consumer. 

And too often, documents are set out in dense blocks of text, which makes it even harder to engage with the information on the page. If consumers find your documents too hard to read, how can you reasonably expect them to understand your products?

Clear & Simple 

We know that it’s possible to do things differently. We've done it.

Our rewrite work has turned a number of difficult documents into breezy reads
that even an 11-year-old could understand. 

We believe that these documents are manuals. No one dives into them like a novel, reading from front to back. Your customers turn to them when they have specific questions about their financial products.

But words alone aren't enough. So we also develop designs to make documents as accessible and easy to read as possible.

What can we do for you?

  • We won’t edit your old documents. 
  • We'll tear them up and start again, putting consumers first.
  • We'll engage with your compliance and legal teams, introducing new ways of thinking.
  • We'll present a draft and perfect it during roundtable sessions with key stakeholders.
  • Our design services will add the finishing touches to your new document.

Take a closer look at our document rewrite work by reading our Back Me Up case study.
Or call 020 3026 8541 to speak to the team.

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