Thought leadership in financial services.

When markets are failing, it's often difficult for businesses to change their sector from the inside out.

We partner with businesses to carry out research reports which expose areas of consumer detriment, and which seek practical solutions.

Our reports influence decision makers in government and the regulatory sphere, and can be the catalyst for change.

We host events to showcase and debate our research. Our recent research work includes:

  • The road to regulating prepaid funeral plans
  • In April 2018, we published a second report in our funeral plan series detailing the different possible routes towards statutory regulation in the prepaid funeral plan market.
  • Misbuying insurance
  • In February 2018, we published a report in conjunction with the Finance Foundation, looking at the mismatch between customers' expectations of insurance and the reality.
    We launched the report at an event where the FCA's head of policy, President of GoCompare, CEO of BIBA and a Director from Axa debated the findings and recommendations.
  • Is the prepaid funeral planning market working well for consumers?
  • In July 2017, we published a report in conjunction with Dignity, looking at the problems in the prepaid funeral planning market.
    Our report received blanket coverage across national press and broadcast media, and was followed up by a roundtable event attended by senior executives from the main companies, as well as the CMA, FCA and Treasury.
    We continue to campaign for regulation of this market. Our follow-up report investigating what regulation in this sector could look like was published in April 2018.
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Our research reports

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