Fairer Finance Star Ratings

Fairer Finance Star Ratings score products based on core product features, helping consumers make choices on more than price.

Fairer Finance's Star Ratings are designed to give customers an idea of the quality of a product they are looking at buying.

Unlike other ratings services, our ratings can't be gamed. To qualify for a top five star rating, you'll need to meet all of our red line requirements.

Fairer Finance Star Ratings are also hard won. In most sectors, less than 10% of products qualify for five stars - and if this number rises, we will look to tighten our criteria where appropriate, with the aim of raising standards in the insurance and banking sectors.

Companies can purchase a licence to use our star ratings on their website and in their marketing material. However, our ratings process is independent, and we aim to rate all products that are offered direct to consumers, regardless of whether we have a commercial relationship with the company.

All product information for the Fairer Finance Star Ratings is compiled by our expert research team, who analyse policy documents and make mystery shopping calls to providers. If you'd like to talk to us about our product ratings, or have any queries, please email us at ratedbyexperts@fairerfinance.com.