31st May 2024

Who is confident managing money?

Our latest polling has some interesting results on which groups are more confident than others when it comes to money.

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20th May 2024

Information foraging – navigating the digital jungle

Five tips for communicating with people who 'forage' for information

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1st May 2024

How do private health insurers' hospital lists compare across the UK?

Our latest data on private medical insurers' hospital lists reveals interesting variation between regions.

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28th March 2024

The Fairer Finance Trust in Insurance Index - Spring 2024

Trust in insurers has declined slightly, on average, between Autumn 2023 and Spring 2024. Rising premiums seem a likely cause.

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5th March 2024

Navigating Auto-renewals in Home Insurance: A Guide to Consumer-centric Practices

Are home insurance customers going through unnecessary hoops to opt out of auto-renewal? Here are my top tips for designing online renewals that are FCA complaint, using best UX practices.

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16th February 2024

Compliant FinProms: Five top tips

Financial Promotions are on the FCA's radar. So, how can firms keep their adverts appealing, but maintain compliance? Our five top tips are a good place to start...

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19th December 2023

How do investment platforms compare when it comes to offering and displaying the interest offered on cash balances?

The FCA has drawn attention to the issue of interest on cash balances held in investment accounts. Providers can do more to make this information easily available to customers.

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15th December 2023

How Trusted are Car Insurers?

The latest data from our Trust in Insurance Index reveals that trust in insurers has levelled off and shows signs of declining in the car insurance sector. This blog looks into why.

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15th November 2023

Our new private medical insurance product ratings

Private medical insurance (PMI) is growing in popularity. What marks out the top products?

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6th November 2023

The Fairer Finance Trust in Banking Index

Our polling shows that trust in banks has risen over the last eight years but may now be levelling off or even declining in mortgage lenders.

The most trusted providers have carved out different niches for themselves. Monzo and Starling are highly rated for their digital services. Nationwide is appreciated for its branch network. First Direct has a strong reputation for customer service. The Co-operative Bank is seen as more green than other large banks and building societies.

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1st November 2023

Why investment terms and conditions fall short

Investments terms and conditions are among the most difficult to read and understand of any sector - what's going wrong and how can they improve?

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19th October 2023

Rationally emotional?

Emotions play a vital role in helping us make decisions. We know how different emotions affect financial decisions. Let's design websites and apps accordingly.

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