Our blog: Bank accounts

14 June 2019

Defining excellence in banking customer service

Measuring quality in banking is no mean feat, but our new report aims to do just that.

16 April 2018

The importance of clear customer communications in Open Banking

API? TPP? PSD2? Providers are struggling to communicate Open Banking to consumers simply. 

3 June 2016

Will the CMA report make any difference to the problems with our banks?

The CMA's two year inquiry into retail banking is nearing an end. It includes some useful suggestions to help consumers, but looks unlikely to increase the amount of switching.

4 January 2016

How I finally paid no bank charges on my holidays

Extortionate bank fees have been ripping off holidaymakers for years. But it's finally easy as pie to avoid them.

22 October 2015

Is this the beginning of a new era for our banks?

The Competition & Markets Authority has published its interim report into the retail banking sector. But are its ideas good enough - and will they ever see the light of day?

14 October 2015

Computer says no

Banks that don't invest in good IT systems can wave goodbye to any aspirations they have to offer good customer service.

14 September 2015

Santander: Simple, personal and not very fair

Now that Santander has lured several hundred thousand people to sign up to its 123 current account and credit card, it's putting the fees up 150%. It's a gutless move from a company that has made little progress in changing its culture.

11 September 2015

TSB’s struggle to shake up the banking sector

TSB's latest 5% current account deal is unlikely to give it the traction it's looking for as Britain's leading challenger bank.

1 September 2015

What’s the right way to advertise loans?

Lending money is one of the most important services that banks offer. But it can also be one of the most lethal. So should advertising be banned?

13 August 2015

The apps that help you avoid hefty bank charges

Banks still charge far too much for sending your money overseas, or using your card abroad. But a handful of new apps are providing the much needed challenge which should bring charges down for everyone.