Our blog: Travel insurance

7 November 2017

Airlines don't cover themselves for failure

Monarch’s failure highlights another problem with transparency in the travel insurance industry

7 March 2017

Why insurers need to shout louder about what's NOT covered

Insurers have a duty to give clear information to their customers. Why are some still finding it so difficult?

25 April 2016

Are insurance companies incentivising people to be cavalier about their health?

If people understood the small print in their travel insurance policy, they'd never go and see their doctor. Surely it's time for a rethink about what can and can't be excluded from the average insurance contract.

5 February 2016

Should charities be banned from offering financial services?

Age UK has come under fire for making millions from its energy and insurance businesses - often failing to give ts customers the best possible deal. It's mistake was working with just one company in each sector.

3 February 2016

Are insurers becoming evil?

A new report has warned that the precision of insurance pricing presents social dangers that no one appears to be keeping an eye on. Is it time for a rethink about how insurance works?

5 December 2015

Why do insurers need two years to change their renewal letters?

The Financial Conduct Authority is finally consulting on proposals to force insurers to put last year's price on their renewal letters. But it may be 2018 before every insurer has fallen in line.

15 September 2015

My day in court against First Great Western. The winner is…

When First Great Western charged me £109 for an honest mistake, I took them all the way to the small claims court. The judge's outcome was always irrelevant. The moral victory was always mine.

25 March 2015

Travel insurers have furthest to come to meet new FCA rules

The FCA has announced plans to ban insurers from automatically opting customers into additional products. It's the travel insurance sector that will have the most work to do.

12 November 2014

Even the Rolling Stones are not immune from the wolves of the insurance industry

The Rolling Stones have had their £8m insurance claim for cancelled show rejected. It's a common story - and there are lessons for the rest of us mere mortals.

7 November 2014

Insurers putting their customers in handcuffs

Insurers often make the penalties for exiting their products too steep. If you've not made a claim on your policy, you should be given the choice to exit penalty free, and be given a pro-rata refund.