15th May 2024

The Sun

James Daley was quoted in The Sun's article on Car Finance published on 11th May 2024.

9th May 2024

You and Yours

James Daley was interviewed on BBC Radio 4's You and Yours show on 8th May 2024 about Private Medical Insurance. Segment 28:44, Interview 33:47.

29th April 2024

The Insurance Times

The Fairer Finance Webinar series was covered by the Insurance Times on 25th April 2024.

29th April 2024

Health & Protection

Health & Protection wrote an article about our webinar series on April 25th 2024.

10th April 2024

The Intermediary

The Intermediary covered our partnership with the Equity Release Council in an article published on April 10th 2024.

21st March 2024

Protection Reporter

The Protection Reporter published an article written by James Daley on March 20th 2024 about Fair Value.

11th March 2024

Insurance Post

Oliver Crawford wrote an article for the Insurance Post published on 11th March 2024 about the customer satisfaction scores in our Consumer Survey of Pet Insurance providers.

28th February 2024

Money Week

James Daley was quoted in Money Week on 26th February 2024 in their article about Consumer Duty.

15th February 2024

The FinTech Times

The launch of our Fair Value tool was covered by the FinTech Times on February 15th 2024.

5th February 2024

Solicitors Journal

February 5th 2024 saw an article published by the Solicitors Journal about the Financial Ombudsman, featuring Fairer Finance.

30th January 2024

Insurance Times

On January 30th 2024, Insurance Times published an article about Consumer Duty featuring Fairer Finance research.

15th January 2024

The Times

Oliver Crawford was quoted in The Times' January 14th 2024 article about Consumer Duty.

12th January 2024

The i

James Daley wrote an article for The i on January 11th 2024 about car insurance.

12th January 2024

Insurance Post

The Insurance Post posted an article on January 9th 2024 on Premium Finance with featured a quote from James Daley.

12th January 2024

FT Adviser

Tim Hogg wrote an article for the FT Adviser on 11th January 2024 that highlights how behavioural science can help with Consumer Duty.

10th January 2024

The Times

The Times' article from January 10th 2024 discussing insurance featured the insight of James Daley.

9th January 2024

The Telegraph

James Daley is quoted in The Telegraph's article from January 7th 2024 on credit cards.

3rd January 2024

The i

James Daley wrote an article for The i, which was published on December 27th 2023 about gift cards.

2nd January 2024

The Standard

James Daley was quoted in the Standard's article from 24th December 2023 about account closures.

19th December 2023

This is Money

This is Money's article about gift cards, published on December 16th 2023, features the comments of James Daley.

13th December 2023

Financial Promoter

James Daley's interview with Financial Promoter about Consumer Duty was published on 12th December 2023.

11th December 2023

The Times

James Daley was quoted in an article published by the Times on December 9th 2023 about Barclays.

10th December 2023

The Sun

The Sun published an article on December 9th 2023 about mobile phone contracts that features comment from James Daley.

8th December 2023

Cover Magazine

Cover Magazine published an article on 7th December 2023 written by Tim Hogg about the challenges the private medical insurance sector will face as a result of Consumer Duty.