5th April 2023

Improving disclosure in the consumer credit market

There's ever more choice available to consumers looking to borrow money. But a mix of regulations, which date back as far as the 1970s, have created a confusing layer of information for people to wade through. This report explores how well the current regulations are working and makes the case for change.

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30th March 2022

The cost and bureaucracy of dying

Our report highlights the difficulty with closing accounts when a loved one passes away, and calls on the government and service regulators to intervene.

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14th June 2019

Defining excellence in banking customer service

Our report looks to understand what factors determine customer satisfaction amongst UK bank account customers, and why switching levels remain low.

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17th December 2018

Gift cards: the gift that should keep on giving

The vast majority of gift cards still have expiry dates. And there's no protection for consumers if a company goes bust and you're left holding one of their cards.

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25th October 2018

Full disclosure: fixing the UK savings market

After a review into the savings market, the FCA suggested the introduction of a Basic Savings Rate. But is this really the answer? Our report considers the impact this might have and suggests alternative approaches to address problems in the market.

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26th April 2018

The road to regulating prepaid funeral plans


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8th February 2018

Misbuying Insurance

Our research report reveals a mismatch between what customers expect from insurance and what it delivers.

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6th July 2017

Is the prepaid funeral planning market working well for consumers?

This report investigates the prepaid funeral plan market, revealing misleading sales practices, lack of consumers understanding and lack of regulation. An additional lack of transparency results in an urgent need of regulation to prevent a Farepak-style scandal occurring. 

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