Our ribbons are based on the results of our unique customer experience ratings. Every six months, we rate companies based on what their customers think of them, how good they are at handling complaints – and how transparent they are.

The companies at the top end of our tables qualify for Fairer Finance’s Gold, Silver and Bronze Ribbons. Our ribbons are marks of quality that reassures customers that they are dealing with a brand that stands above its competitors when it comes to service and fairness.

We license our ribbons to firms for use on their website and marketing materials.

Since we launched in 2014, brands such as Hiscox, Saga, Age UK, TSB, Metro Bank and Coventry Building Society have signed up to our endorsement scheme, proudly displaying Fairer Finance Ribbons alongside their logos.

If you're interested in using our endorsements, please email corporate@fairerfinance.com.
Or call 020 3026 8541 to speak to the team.

As well as our Gold, Silver, and Bronze Ribbons, we also endorse companies on individual aspects of our customer experience ratings.

For each product area, there is an endorsement for providers with the Happiest Customers, those that are Most Trusted, and for those that are the Most Transparent.

Some of the companies who have used our ribbons in their marketing

  • Hiscox
  • CSIS
  • Beagle Street
  • Saga
  • Coventry Building Society
  • Metro Bank
  • Lloyds Bank
  • Ecclesiastical
  • Halifax
  • Bank of Scotland
  • Cumberland Building Society
  • Principality Building Society
  • Smart Insurance

Let's work together

If you'd like to discuss how our customer experience ribbons can help boost your business, don't hesitate to get in touch.