James Daley

By James Daley

There’s just a month to go until publication of our Spring 2021 customer experience ratings. With our polling now complete, we know which brands have reached the sample threshold to appear in our ratings for the first time.

To appear in our tables, we need to have at least 41 responses for a brand. This threshold gives us an 80% confidence interval and a 0.1% margin of error. You can read more about the statistics behind our minimum thresholds here.

New entrants

In bank accounts, we’ll be adding high net worth provider CJ Hoare. While over in savings accounts, Cambridge Building Society has reached the sample threshold for the first time.

In car insurance, Geoffrey makes it back into our tables after dropping below the minimum threshold last year. And Bank of Scotland will make it into our car insurance tables for the first time as well.

Over in travel insurance, British Airways is in. But we've also lost some brands - Endsleigh, Co-op Travel and EHIC plus have all fallen below the minimum threshold.

In personal loans, we’ll be adding Lendable to our tables. And over in investment platforms, eToro, Nutmeg and Vanguard will all enter our customer experience tables for the first time.

We aim to publish the ratings in our insight portal in the second half of March. If you don’t have a login, get in touch and we’ll set you up.

The ratings will then go live on our public site - and The Times Money Mentor - at the start of April.