At Fairer Finance, we can't give you personalised recommendations. Our analysis is designed to arm you with more information to help you make the right financial decisions on your own.

But if you want someone to do the hard work for you, and give you more personal recommendations, here are some suggestions about where to turn.


Some general help and guidance with your finances

We have lots of useful guides that you can use to gather information and learn more about different types of financial products. Again, these don't contain financial advice, and if we mention a specific product, that's not a recommendation.

If you've looked through our guides and you still need a few extras tips and pointers to help you get your money in order, it's worth visiting the government-funded Money Advice Service.

This service won't be able to give you specific product recommendations, but there are operators available to give you generic advice over the phone. There's also lots of useful advice guides, tools and calculators on their website.


Try a broker

If it's help with your general insurance needs that you're after - for example, someone to pick the right car, home or travel insurance policy for you - then you may want to consider using an insurance broker.

Finding a trustworthy broker is a bit like finding a good plumber or accountant - it's often worth asking friends or family if they've got a personal recommendation.

Alternatively, take a look at the British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA) website, which can help you find which insurance brokers are available in your local area.


Find an IFA

If you need help with things like pensions and investments, you should probably seek out the services of an independent financial adviser (IFA). It's worth looking out for ones who are qualified at least to Diploma level, or better still, look for a Chartered Financial Planner, or an IFA who has taken the ISO 22222 qualification.

To find an adviser with a higher level of qualification in your area, try visiting The Personal Finance Society, or The Institute of Financial Planning. Alternatively, for a broader search of advisers, try going to the Unbiased website.