Acorn Insurance

Acorn Insurance is a Liverpool based insurance broker.

Acorn says that it aims to provide cheaper insurance for those who might otherwise struggle to get insured at a reasonable price. That includes drivers with motoring convictions and those who have been refused insurance in the past. It also sells short-term policies for learners.

Its car insurance policies are underwritten by Haven Insurance, which is based in Gibraltar.

We use an industry average complaints score for Acorn. This is because they do not get enough complaints to feature in the financial ombudsman's complaints tables, and would not supply the data directly.

Acorn Insurance

Car insurance

Ranked 39th of 51 providers reviewed.

Customer happiness 51%
Customer trust 42%
Complaints performance 71%
Transparency rating 42%
Fairer Finance score
Reviewed Autumn 2017

We don't currently rate Acorn Insurance in our Product Ratings.