Barclaycard is the UK's oldest credit card company. The Barclaycard was the first credit card issued in the UK, in 1966.

Many competitors have set up their own credit card operations since then, but Barclaycard has remained one of the largest card companies operating in the UK.

In part, it has done so by acquiring competitors' businesses. For example, it bought Egg's credit card arm from Citigroup in 2011, bringing over one million accounts into the fold.

Barclaycard offers a wide range of card products and is part of the Barclays banking group. You can get long 0% periods on balance transfers and purchases with some of its cards.


Credit cards

Ranked 27th of 35 providers reviewed.

Customer happiness 55%
Customer trust 45%
Complaints performance 70%
Transparency rating 41%
Fairer Finance score
Reviewed Spring 2018

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