In July 2020, The Times newspaper ran a story reporting that the General Medical Council was taking TIF’s chief medical officer  to a “fitness to practice” tribunal, accusing him of "impairment by misconduct”. TIF says it takes advice from a number of doctors, and says its chief medical officer denies the allegations. Until this case is resolved, we have removed our ratings of TIF products.

Debenhams was one of the UK's best known high street retailers and also offered a number of financial services products such as credit cards and a variety of insurance products such as travel, pet, car life, and gadget insurance.

Their headquarters are based in London, UK.

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Travel insurance

Ranked 51st of 53 providers reviewed.

Customer happiness 40.84%
Customer trust 36.6%
Complaints performance 48.25%
Transparency rating 37.15%
Fairer Finance score
Reviewed Spring 2021

We don't currently rate Debenhams in our Product Ratings.