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Savings Accounts

1 Year Fixed Rate Accounts


Raisin UK - 1 Year Fixed Term Deposit

Interest Rate (AER) i 4.75%
Minimum Opening Balance i £1,000.00
What happens at maturity? i The provider will contact you before the account matures. If you don't instruct them the money will be transferred into a variable rate account until you instruct them further or withdraw the funds.
Part of FSCS i
Maximum Balance i £85,000.00
Minimum Age to Open Account i 18
Sharia Account i
Can be opened by mobile app? i
Can be opened in branch? i
Can be opened online? i
Can be managed by mobile app? i
Can be managed in branch? i
Can be managed online? i
Additional Opening Criteria i
Can you make early withdrawals? i
Withdrawal Penalty i