Thinkmoney is a banking services provider based in Manchester, and is part of Think Money Group.

Thinkmoney offers a range of banking products, including credit cards, loans and insurance. Its main offering is a managed bank account aimed at helping people manage their money.

Its budgeting service splits customers' money into two separate account: one for fixed expenditure such as bills, the other for day-to-day spending. Anyone that is over 18 and a UK resident can open the account, as there are no credit checks during application.

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Bank accounts

Ranked 14th of 30 providers reviewed.

Customer happiness 45%
Customer trust 50%
Complaints performance 75%
Transparency rating 69%
Fairer Finance score
Reviewed Spring 2019

Bank accounts

Current accounts

Foreign use bank accounts


Current Account

1 stars
Limit to non-sterling cash withdrawal before increase in withdrawal fee i

Packaged bank accounts