What’s the problem?

Terms and conditions are a miserable part of modern life. Whether you’re signing up for a music streaming service, renting a car or taking out a mortgage – you can be sure that there will be thousands of words of small print to read and agree to before you can get what you’re after.

Financial products are the worst of them all. Not only are they too long - with the very worst running to almost 70,000 words (that’s twice the length of George Orwell’s Animal Farm!) - they’re also packed with jargon that makes them impossible to understand.

The result is that most people don’t read the Ts & Cs in full – and in the world of money, that can be a costly decision.

What needs to happen?

Banks and insurers need to be forced to put their documents in a language and design that helps people understand them. They also need to work harder to make them no longer than they need to be. If LV can create a 7,000 word car insurance policy, why does Endsleigh need over 30,000 words.

We don’t believe companies will step up to the challenge of creating simple documents without some encouragement. So we want to see the Financial Conduct Authority making this a priority - setting a high standard and handing out fines to lazy companies that rely on complicated small print.

The FCA rules say that all customer documents should be “clear, fair and not misleading”. For now, most companies don’t get close to passing that test.

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