We’re making a noise. Here’s a selection of Fairer Finance’s coverage in print, on television and over the airwaves. Get in touch with us for any media relations requirements.

12 March 2018

Channel 4

James Daley was quoted in Channel 4 News in a piece about the Financial Ombudsman Service on 12 March.

11 January 2018

BBC Rip Off Britain

James Daley featured on The BBC's Rip Off Britain programme in a piece about what travel insurance does and doesn't cover customers for on 11 January.

10 January 2018

BBC News

James Daley was featured in BBC News in a piece about the end of credit card surcharges on 10 January.

4 January 2018

Cover Magazine

James Daley's letter to the Association of British Insurers was featured in Cover Magazine on 4 January.

12 November 2017

The Times

Fairer Finance's research into car hire costs was quoted in The Times on 12 November.

16 September 2017

The Telegraph

James Daley was quoted in The Telegraph in a piece about the less fair aspects of insurance pricing on 16th September.

13 September 2017

It's Your Money

James Daley appeared on The Telegraph's It's Your Money podcast to discuss the rising cost of allowing insurance policies to renew on 13th September.

26 July 2017

International Travel and Health Insurance Journal

Melissa Collett featured on ITIJ TV to discuss why knowing a travel insurer's claims statistics can be helpful on 26 July.