Autumn 2020 Customer Experience Ratings are Live

Fairer Finance's Autumn 2020 customer experience ratings are now available for businesses to view exclusively in our Insight Portal.

They will be published on our public site - as well as on The Times Money Mentor site - on Friday 9 October 2020.

Your brand will be included in our customer experience ratings if we'd had a large enough sample in our bi-annual customer survey. From this Autumn going forward, we have made a change how we sample historical data - please see the full explanation of this update here:

Exploring your brand's ratings and insights

What you'll be able to see for free in our portal:

  • How your customer experience ratings have changed since Spring 2020. You'll also be able to see whether your competitors are up or down since last time.
  • The results of our latest customer polling. We poll 10,000 people every six months to find out how happy they are with their financial services provider and how much they trust them.
  • How you've scored in our latest transparency analysis. Our researchers mystery shop hundreds of online purchase journeys, scoring them based on clarity of the information and design.

If you're a Premium subscriber to our Insight Portal, or you'd like a free trial, you'll also be able to see:

  • More detail behind your customer polling results. Premium subscribers can see the breakdown of our data by region, gender, age - as well as extra metrics such as NPS, CES and CSAT. For insurers, we also have claims satisfaction data.
  • Comparisons against competitors. You'll also be able to compare your brand in detail against others in the market - and discover which firms are setting the best example on transparency.
  • Compare product features. If we have product ratings for your business, you'll be able to compare features, fees and charges against your competitors - and also keep tabs on changes that other companies have been making to their products.
  • Use our jargon checker. Upload documents and get an instant assessment of how much jargon they use.
  • Test our new data explorer tool. We've launched our new data explorer, which allows you to carve up our data in many more ways.

We're happy to issue free logins to as many people in your organisation as you'd like. Just get them to send us an email to, or call us on 020 3026 8541.