19th September 2016

Critical illness cover - the insurance policy with disappointment built in

Critical illness cover has become so complicated that it's impossible for consumers to ever understand quite what they're buying.

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3rd February 2016

Are insurers becoming evil?

A new report has warned that the precision of insurance pricing presents social dangers that no one appears to be keeping an eye on. Is it time for a rethink about how insurance works?

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20th October 2015

Why do insurers think e-cigarettes are dangerous?

Admitting that you use e-cigarettes could cost you thousands of pounds in additional life insurance premiums. So what do insurers know that we don't about the health effects of vaping?

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19th June 2015

The challenge of cleaning up a dirty market

Royal London is on a crusade to clean up the much maligned Over 50s life insurance market - but with tens of millions of pounds on the line for its competitors, it will be an uphill struggle.

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2nd February 2015

We’ve changed our life insurance ratings

After some discussion with insurers, we've changed the way we present our life insurance ratings.

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12th November 2014

Even the Rolling Stones are not immune from the wolves of the insurance industry

The Rolling Stones have had their £8m insurance claim for cancelled show rejected. It's a common story - and there are lessons for the rest of us mere mortals.

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31st October 2014

Insurers fail the compassion test over terminal illnesses

Most insurers will pay out your life insurance policy early if you're diagnosed with a terminal illness. But if you're given more than a year to live they won't. For the small number of people who are affected, its heart breaking.

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22nd October 2014

What makes a good life insurance policy?

Choosing the right life insurance policy isn't just about finding a good price.

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