9th January 2018

Don’t get stung by your insurance

Most insurance fees should only cover the administrative costs of the provider, and the customer should be clearly told how much they will be. But beware - a number of insurers are failing on both counts.

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17th May 2017

Brand Under the Spotlight - Hastings Direct

Hastings Direct has jumped 20 places in our fairness ratings, driven by a sharp increase in its transparency score. Marketing Director Nicola Charles explains how it happened.

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9th May 2017

The mystery of car insurance pricing

Your age and the car you drive aren't the only things that influence how much you'll pay for your insurance. But there's often little logic to what will get you the best price.

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1st March 2016

The confusing world of insurance excesses

Understanding your insurance policy's excess is no longer as simple as it once was. And why is it called an excess anyway?

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5th February 2016

Should charities be banned from offering financial services?

Age UK has come under fire for making millions from its energy and insurance businesses - often failing to give ts customers the best possible deal. It's mistake was working with just one company in each sector.

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3rd February 2016

Are insurers becoming evil?

A new report has warned that the precision of insurance pricing presents social dangers that no one appears to be keeping an eye on. Is it time for a rethink about how insurance works?

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25th January 2016

Insurers need to resist the Big Brother temptation

A new report by the Insurance Fraud Taskforce is proposing to snoop on consumers while they use comparison sites.

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10th December 2015

What does 5 stars really mean?

Star ratings are everywhere - but they all mean slightly different things. And in some cases, they are driving companies to do things which are not particularly helpful for their customers.

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5th December 2015

Why do insurers need two years to change their renewal letters?

The Financial Conduct Authority is finally consulting on proposals to force insurers to put last year's price on their renewal letters. But it may be 2018 before every insurer has fallen in line.

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11th June 2015

Comparison sites must put customers first

Dispatches embarrassed Confused.com into pulling down its savings account comparison tool. But there are plenty of other examples of profit being put before customer needs in the comparison site sector.

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11th May 2015

The true cost of paying monthly for your insurance

Insurers are failing to be upfront with customers about the cost of paying monthly. But should there be any cost at all?

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5th March 2015

Time for insurers to come clean on renewal

Moneysupermarket has launched a new campaign calling for a fairer deal for customers when they renew their insurance. It's a worthy cause, led by a company that has the power to make it happen.

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