14th October 2016

Most companies' customer communications aren't compliant

The FCA has published the latest update on its Smarter Communications work - and pressure is building on companies to rethink the way they talk to their customers. Our analysis shows that as things stand, most companies are failing.

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11th August 2016

Why are we still being charged for paying by credit card?

Fairer Finance has launched a new campaign to put a stop to charges for paying by credit card. We believe its already against the rules - and it's time for government agencies to start enforcing.

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27th April 2016

Insurers in glass houses

Sunlife's latest press release does a great job at drawing attention to one of its worst failings

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18th January 2016

If your documents include 200 word sentences, you are in breach of FCA rules

As part of our Spare Us the Small Print campaign, we've compiled a list of the financial services world's longest sentences. Some run to over 200 words. It's time for the regulator to take action.

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12th November 2015

You shouldn’t need a PhD to understand your home insurance

New Fairer Finance research reveals that many insurance documents are only accessible to people educated to post-graduate level. It's time for the regulator to take action.

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26th June 2015

Would you read a comic strip about insurance?

The financial regulator is going into battle against jargon and complexity in financial services - and has brought a raft of new ideas and suggestions to the table, including using comic strips.

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