16th January 2023

Interest Rates on Instant Access Savings Accounts Aren't Keeping Pace with the Bank of England Base Rate

Recent rises in interest rates have improved rates on instant access savings accounts, but they still lag behind the Bank of England base rate.

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14th June 2019

Defining excellence in banking customer service

Measuring quality in banking is no mean feat, but our new report aims to do just that.

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13th February 2017

Is the new summary box for savings accounts working?

New FCA rules mean that savings providers must outline their products in a ‘summary box’. Is it helping customers?

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21st June 2016

How to get a negative return on your savings

Do you know what will happen to your money when your fixed rate savings account matures? You might be surprised by the truth.

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18th December 2015

Can the FCA embarrass banks into being good?

The FCA has started publishing tables of banks' worst savings accounts. But is it likely to make any difference?

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30th September 2015

Who’s the fairest of them all in the savings and mortgage markets?

Building societies sit at the top of Fairer Finance's new savings and mortgage tables. But a few banks make it into the top end of our new rankings as well.

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19th May 2015

Banking challengers join forces

Metrobank and Zopa have joined forces in their battle to challenge their bigger rivals. But can their combined might crack this sticky market?

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31st March 2015

Banks still failing the transparency test

The Financial Ombudsman's latest set of case studies reveals that banks are still failing to be clear with their customers when they cut interest rates.

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30th January 2015

With-profits finally on the way out

Legal & General's decision to close its with-profits fund to new business is the beginning of the end for this expensive, opaque investment.

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20th January 2015

The consumer champion robot cometh

The conclusion of the FCA's market study into savings includes an interesting proposal to break down the barriers that have stopped so-called "account aggregators" from being successful. It's a move that could radically change how we interact with banks and insurers.

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29th October 2014

Why do building societies ever rip off their customers?

Yorkshire Building Society has been fined 4.1m for treating struggling mortgage customers unfairly. It's the company's second fine in six months. Why is a business that is owned by its customers doing so badly by them?

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